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Ford Wall Covering
Hi I tried to post this on MTS2 but it didn't like it. So here it is. Any problems PM me. No EPs needed. Enjoy! Any comments welcome.


P.S. To view the image click on the picture link and click Open.
awesome ford thingy! :-D
Nice Big Grin
Could you do this? (Se pic)
Would be great to have one large and on small.
Take the one that works best.
Do you want two, one big and one small then? What colour for the background(s)? And do you want to have a word/words on the picture(s) at the bottom or top?

I would be cool if you could make it in the chape of the "shield"
The good size is as the ford sign and one the size of the open/close sign in sims.
I you only can make a rektangular shape then you can put the name on the pic here in the file.
Ok. size one more time. one size as a Door or a gasstation sign.
And on as a smal window or open/closed sign
And it would be great if it was in the shape of the shield.
clear? Big Grin

PS: sheck this out:

And yes there is ford stuff as well:
nice Smile laredo ! laredo ! look !! Big Grin
Ups! my bad. Wallcovering. didn't see that. can it be made as a sign or a painting to hang on the wall? it was that what I ment.
a wall cover is nice to.
Diden't i step on a goldmine when I showed the link?
THUG LIFE Wrote:nice Smile  laredo ! laredo ! look !! Big Grin
lets not go there right now, but all the ford people on this site will probably love it
Thanks guys, this makes it all worth while.

Can't understand I didn't commented on that great piece of work Smile

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