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How to: Metallic Recolors
I came to reveal a secret about the metallic recolors since they were being kept secret from the community. After looking through one of Agent420's metallic recolors I found out how he made metallic recolors. I don't know why this was being kept secret , why not give some other people a chance to make awesome recolors like Agent's well now it is possible.

1. Open the material definition file in the recolor file
2. Find stdMatEnvCubeTextureName: outdoordaytime-envcube
3. Change the value to reflectionkitchenhighcontrast-envcube
4. Commit and Save then check out the results.

It really wasn't that hard to figure out. It was obvious something was odd about a kitchen texture being in a vehicle recolor file.

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Well, looks like the secret is out. I asked Agent 420 how to do it, but he wouldn't tell me. He pointed me towards tutorials on MTS2 and TSR, and told me I'd figure it out. He asked me to keep it secret if I discovered this, because it was his trademark. I repected his request. Sad
I just figured why not give everyone a chance to make metallic recolors.

Edit: I bet VoVilla will really like this.
sorry dohc, but I'm kinda with cmw on this one. Even if I never do make any, it would be nice to know how
yes thank you CMW, rep earned.
Well, I'd may as well give some advice to anyone who decides to use this little trick:

Always test it before distribution!  It doesn't look good on some meshes.  i.e. Tre's 69 Charger.  On that car it looked flat and lusterless.  I couldn't seem to fix the problem with reflectivity tweaking, but that doesn't mean its not possible.
Thank you! I was wondering how to do it! I thought that maybe you put transparent white dots in the texture! Actually I might try both ways.
Open the material definition file in the recolor file
Find stdMatEnvCubeTextureName: outdoordaytime-envcube. Change the value to reflectionkitchenhighcontrast-envcube
Commit and Save then check out the results.

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