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My Unfortunate Retirement
ok well im sry to do this to u guys but i think ive been lacking showing up on the forum and doing my work, so i think its time for me to retire, even though schools out, im movin this summer and recoloring and real life are starting to kill me, so ill release some recolors every now and then, and help out the forum but I think this my official retirement from this amazing community, but if you still need my help ill be around every now and then to help out

Well Good luck to you Blade.
Goodluck with life Blade, we'll miss ya
Good Luck blade....youve helped the site alot,

Come back whenever you want
Yeah good luck, bro' !
sad to see you go! i hope you will come back someday!Smile
lol well it looks like they still havnt removed me from my position and all so ill stay around to help and guide as a past president of a car club does lol
hey blade. doyou want to retire?? pm me and I'll retire you
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