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My dragoness sim Kaliendra! :D
Hi there! Here's my dragoness sim Kaliendra, with her car!
She's 22 years old, comes from another world, she lives now in Belladonna Cove, and she works in an office as manager.
She has a human boyfriend, and a Smoogo 720! Big Grin
She enjoys much to drive her little duroplast buddy, and it never left her on the road! Smile
The thing that she likes most of her car is the sound of the two-strokes engine of the 720, that she consider quite funny.

[Image: snapshot_76825a7d_568265e4.jpg]

[Image: snapshot_76825a7d_7682604d.jpg]

Because two-strokes are better than one! xD
wow, you made that alien sim yourself? Am I mistaken or does she really have huge ears? Not bad!
Yep, it's all made by myself Smile She's a Ryukaissen, a particular dragon race, that is an hybrid between a dragon, a feline, and it has long bunny-like ears (that's why are huge and points down lol) Tongue

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