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Poll: What will the fate of The Sims 2 Plaza be?
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Keep as-is, and keep open.
1 9.09%
Add Sims 3 content and change name to just "Sims Plaza"
6 54.55%
Move to new URL as "Sims Plaza", hosting TS2 & 3 stuff
2 18.18%
Time for a good thing to come to an end...
2 18.18%
Total 11 vote(s) 100%
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The fate of this site is...?
well ive started making sims 3 stuff (H) Tongue most of it is currently on The Sims but im gonna start putting it on my site... i dont know yet...
I think that we  should definatly rename and change url to the sims plaza. and advertise on fp if he alllows us and every other sims 3 creators site.Also we should stop using createmybb. try something of our own.
whats wrong with createmybb?, if we change all our posts and users will be deleted.... we dont want to start from scratch... and ive alreddy set a url like i said in my last post WWW.THESIMSPLAZA.TK AND WWW.THESIMS2PLAZA.TK all we need is advertising!
Sill create my bb has that annoying les imvu thing. and those other stupid ads
so do most forums. and all the ads i get are all sims 3 ones.
i'm jsut saying is that when i enter this website i dont want to see two chicks making out.
there is no point in changeing the website we host with because we have just added some new fetures, and all forum have adversitements. so everyforum is the same in that way in that scence. so there is no point in changeing forums
we dont want to start over
the ads are on every forum
this forum has new fetures being added daily.
and this forum has just had a major overhaul and it looks mutch better Smile
this site has alot of valuble threads,downloads ect and if we loose them we will get even less intrest. and this is listed on google
and the staff/usergroups/forums are all setup...

there realy isnt any point in moving forums. cause there is nothing wrong with this forum...
You've won me over
Well I think "Add Sims 3 content and change name to just "Sims Plaza"
That is only my thought for this poll..Keep sharing.
smithgary Wrote:Well I think "Add Sims 3 content and change name to just "Sims Plaza"
That is only my thought for this poll..Keep sharing.
yea thats pretty mutch the way weve got to go, the only reason pepole are going to other sites is because of Sims 3 content is not being posted here, and sadly untill it is i fear that this sites going to start sliding faster and faster into death.
the only way to save it is to add more content, and more up-to date stuff.

And to
mzcool Wrote:You've won me over
The only forums that dont have ads are:
Hosted forums [like mine] on your own server [you can get that free]
and to pay on sites like CreateMyBB which is a total Scam and they shouldnt make pepole pay for no ads when pepole can just go and get free hosting and get a totaly free Adfree forum.

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