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iESmediaHomes - Classique Moderne
Hey guys! I'm back to uploading to SimSafe 2/3!!!! Today I'm here with a wonderful new home called the Classique Moderne. Classique means Classic in French. Moderne means Modern. What that means is, this house is modern, but at the same time, it has the classic furniture for elegance, and modern furniture for luxury. Comment (tell us your opinions on this house), or feedback!

-2 Car Garage
-2 Stories High
-4 Bedrooms
-2.5 Bath
-Walk-In Closet (for Master Suite)
-Formal Dining
-Living Room
-Great room
-Casual Dining
-Beautiful Kitchen
-and more!

Requires: The Sims 3 Base Game
Lot Size: 30x20
Lot Price: $211,924

[Image: CM1.png]
[Image: CM2.png]
[Image: CM3.png]
[Image: CM4.png]
[Image: CM5.png]
[Image: CM6.png]
[Image: CM7.png]

[720p HD Video!] [url=""][/url]

.RAR File
.ZIP File

How to put it in-game
Unzip/unrar this to your Downloads (Documents/Electronic Arts/TheSims3/Downloads) folder. Launch TheSims3 Launcher. Go to Downloads. Check the box next to the home, press Install.

.ZIP File -- [url=""][/url]
.RAR File -- [url=""][/url]

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