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just a cool guy Sims I made for Sims 2
not shur if I am doing this wright or wrong. LOL but here gose

meet Robby he is as you can see a Ford fan. he is wearing a T shirt I made. that reads Fords eating Dodge and Chevy since
well you get the IDA any way he's ready to move in to your hood.
PS I will be uploading his girl friend later if this works. but they Fight a lot. because He is a Ford guy and She is a Mopar girl! she wears a T shirt I made that reads " MOPAR or NO car "

any way lets give this a try
first some pictures to see if you like how they look.

[Image: snapshot_ff1a6ca4_ff1a9d92_zpse45365bd.jpg]

[Image: snapshot_ff1a6ca4_1f1a96f1_zps765dacfd.jpg]

[Image: snapshot_ff1a6ca4_7f1a9694_zps536ac8fb.jpg]

[Image: snapshot_ff1a6ca4_ff1a9d92_zps13e610ea.jpg]

[Image: snapshot_ff1a6ca4_ff1a972c_zps6298417a.jpg]

next download link

if I did it wrong let me Know? hope you like him and down load him in game

looks like it did not work how do you link the Sims I make in body shop? so members can down load them in to game if they want to.

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