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Car Dealership Deco
I didn't know where else to post this, but I have begun making recolors of paintings suitable for car dealerships or for the automotive enthusiast. I have posted them on TSR (mostly because they are the easiest to upload whole collections to) I started with some GT class race car posters, and then made a collection exclusively for BMW dealerships, and am working on several other makes that will be coming soon (including, but not limited to: Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Ford, Dodge, Porsche, and more)

just thought I'd mention it here because I know how everyone here HATES cars Smile

direct link to my page at TSR:

i like that set of paintings, gonna hang some in my garage now lol

and i think its ok to post this in this forum
I downloaded, and clicked to add a thank you. Nice work, and its nice to see someone else likes to do wall hangings too!
Thanks ! They look very nice !
welcome back IR ! thanks 4 posting these links here
thanks for the compliments guys, they are very much appreciated.

Sorry to hear of your troubles, johnny.. hope all is getting better

and Laredo, my wife loves your joke Cool

i confused about this ?_?
Hey, can someone make a Ferrari logo, like the neon letters from mod the sims , i need it to put on my showroom, i dont want to be an wallpaper. thank you...

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