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Sellafone- Buy Able
thanks saves alot of time Big Grin
OH HELL yeah i want this!!!
Great job. You shared a very good and best knowledge about it. I have no any bad comments about it and also I hope every one will give good views.
The Sellafone Gadget Kiosk is a community lot object.The kiosk is similar to automatic, Sims select the item you want to buy, the more money in the machine and,the machine dispenses the product. Sims can use the kiosk to buy mobile phones, MP3 players or hand-players, and varying prices.
Sella Telephone Kiosk Electronics bowl med University. En av mange can find it on college lots according eventuelle Sims ønsker your college now.
Normal men in your neighborhood, you two continents blandt your town or your company a lot of men OM Neighbourhood screen and a physical place Sella Telephone kiosk på much.

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